Service personnel reject insurance policy

Concerned national service personnel have rejected plans by the management of the National Service Scheme (NSS) to introduce insurance packages of NSS personnel in the country.

A statement signed by Emmanuel Asenso Adusei, Accra Metro, said: “The National Service Scheme has launched a mandatory insurance policy to deduct money every month from the non-taxable allowance it pays to service personnel despite national service personnel being against it. We, the Concerned National Service Personnel find it absolutely illegal for NSS to enter into an insurance contract on our behalf. It will be recalled that the so-called National Service Insurance was introduced by the national executives of NASPA, led by Mr. Philip Quaye, at a mini congress in May 2017 which is considered to be the highest decision making body according to the NASPA Constitution. The insurance policy was however faced with stiff opposition as most service personnel who completed their one-year service this year refused to allow their money to be deducted.

“The National Service Scheme yesterday launched the illegal insurance policy; so called National Service Insurance Policy. According to the Executive Director of NSS, all service personnel would pay a monthly premium of GHC15 to benefit from the insurance policy of which service personnel who suffer permanent or temporary disability through accidents during the service year will be entitled to GHc15,000 insurance cover. The discriminatory aspect is also that, only those in the sub vented category will be affected and those who are in the non-sub vented category will not be affected. We are of the view that if NSS had made their Hisense package optional, they should also make the insurance policy optional for only those who are interested to apply. Is it not preposterous for executives who are not service personnel to agree to a deal of which they themselves will not be affected?

“We demand the following questions from NSS. Does NSS know that they do not have the right to enter into an insurance policy on our behalf? Is it not discriminatory for only those in the sub vented category to be affected? Will they refund the money if nothing happens to service personnel? What happened to the consultation of service personnel before introducing this policy? How can executives who are no longer service personnel agree to that deal on our behalf? Will NSS refund the money they have deducted if nothing happens to the service personnel?

“Service personnel in the private sector were paid their allowance at the end of the month without delay, but allowances of those in the public sector were delayed for two months and some have still not been paid. Instead of NSS to address this, they are rather developing means to deduct the little money service personnel receive.

“After delaying our allowance for two months, what next? NSS have no right to deduct our money; NSS cannot impose an insurance policy on us; NSS cannot decide for us. We therefore call upon all national service personnel to oppose this National Service Insurance Policy by openly speaking against attempts to deduct money from our allowance and demonstrate for making the policy optional and not mandatory.”

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