Fella Makafui gives Efia Odo ‘deadly’ clapback

Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has fired back at Instagram star Efia Odo for accusing her of not ‘working for her wine shop’.

A few minutes after reports claimed that Fella Makafui’s wine shop located at East Legon had been shut down by her alleged boyfriend, Efia was very quick to pass her comment on it.

She said in a Snap post that “when you own your own sh*t no n*gga can take it from you” – indirectly claiming that Fella didn’t work for her wine shop.

In response to this, Fella has indirectly slammed Efia Odo, suggesting that she (Efia) might look stupid in the end yet again. The “YOLO” star actress, in a Snap post on Monday, June 18, said: “Don’t rejoice too much, my love…you might look stupid again for the second time!!!!”

Fella and Efia have been at loggerheads for some time now. The two recently engaged in a social media war over the late Dancehall musician Ebony Reigns.

It all started with Efia Odo when she accused Fella of sleeping around with men to make ends meet. Fella has since been on the low but her clapbacks have been brutal.

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