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I’m happy Bukom Banku lost to Bastie Samir – Ayitey Powers

Boxer Ayitey Powers has expressed his delight over the loss of Bukom Banku to Bastie Samir Saturday night at the Bukom Boxing Arena. This according to Powers will make the boxer humble himself.

“If I tell you I’m not happy of Bukom Banku’s lost then I’m a liar despite my defeat to him; I’m very happy. Through this loss, he will humble himself, he will know how to talk to human being, he will know how to behave”, he said with excitement.

Ayitey Powers believes that because Bukom Banku can beat everybody in the ring, he sometimes behaves like a king. He said in boxing, the boxer must be respectful to everybody.

“Bukom Banku likes beating people. He also does things haphazardly. God wants to let him know that ‘juju’ can’t do nothing”, he stated.

Ayitey Powers in an interview on Kofi TV further revealed that he prayed to God to let his former opponent lose his bout against Bastie Samir.

Bukom Banku who has nicknamed himself ‘African Mayweather’ suffered an excruciating 7th round knockout when he came face-to-face with Bastie Samir at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra on Saturday.

The bout dubbed ‘Make or Break’ by Box Office Promotions became the most talked about when Bastie Samir nicknamed ‘The Beast’ challenged the loudmouth Bukom Banku.

On the night, Bastie Samir sent the self-acclaimed African Mayweather who had bragged of knocking out the former in the sixth round to the canvas twice before landing him blows that proved a coup de grâce.

The win extends the record of Bastie Samir to 17 and he is expected to make a foray for an international tittle soon.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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