Here’s why Omarion had to perform at an empty arena in Africa

It looks like Omarion got a taste of his own medicine. After the singer pulled out of his appearance at a press conference in Namibia at the last moment, his fans decided to hit back by boycotting his concert that was held in addition to the event.

Omarion was supposed to appear at the press conference prior to hitting the stage as part of his agreement. But due to a long flight, the singer backed out of the conference portion, citing exhaustion as the reason for the no-show.

Coincidentally, Omarion was able to regain his strength to show up to the concert. He was one of the only ones to attend though. Baller Alert posted photos from the event, showing a practically empty venue with around 20 people in attendance. Later in the night, Omarion captured the concert in a video on social media, showing a little more people. In the video, fans were seen screaming as they crowded around the stage. “As long as you had a good time,” he captioned the video.

While Omarion doesn’t have any new music out at the moment, the singer was in talks of appearing on a reunion tour with his former group, B2K. But those dreams quickly came crashing down when Lil Fizz announced that Omarion hadn’t returned any of his calls regarding the idea.

Source: bet.com

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