BizGroNet To Employ Over 1million Ghanaians

Africa is set to benefit from the surge in the digital marketing and e- commerce system as BizGroNet, stages its mobile App. In the process, a total of twenty four (24) million individuals will gain employment across the African continent coming 2018. Out of the figure, about one (1) million Ghanaians will also be gainfully employed to occupy the various positions and departments of the organization nationwide.

Current statistics according to the United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers places the World’s population at 7.5 billion. On the down curve, statistics provided by international labor organization (ILO) suggests, only an estimated 3 billion people out of the figure worldwide is employed by international global organization with some 205 million people still waiting to be employed.

Globally, BizGroNet’s employment figures come 2018 will exceed 100 million thereby bridging the unemployment gap.

Founded in the year 2007 with its headquarters based in Atlanta-Georgia, USA, and various offices in Africa, Asia and South America, BizGroNet is a duly registered Non-profit making entity that believes in developing business operational concepts, empowering ICT innovations and networking   resources.

Propelled by its mission of building a secured and sustainable online business connections, by making it easier for businesses and customers to trade without barriers, BizGroNet provides business management, business development, global business connections, financial resource networking and social networking to domestic organisations and individual businesses in Africa, Asia and South America to connect to ready customers globally for free.

By this platform, over sixty million (60,000,000) businesses and customers are already connected globally. Ghana holds more than five million (5,000.000) of this global connection.

Mainly, BizGroNet operates a leading e-commerce products and service marketplace which enables organisations, individuals, consumers, merchants and other participants to conduct businesses thereby providing  a secured online business platform to promote  both domestic and international trade across all sectors ranging from agriculture, manufacturing technology, services, artistry, trading, not for profit, governmental and non-governmental organizations from around  Africa, Asia and south America.

The introduction of BizGroNet mobile app will ensure that more people are connected with thriving domestic organizations and individuals across the globe for genuine business transactions on a secured payment platform guaranteed by BizGroNet.

All over the world, this will result in the connection of over hundred million active businesses with customers monthly with over a billion dollar increase in revenue.

Again, issues of ease of finding credible businesses, which has for ages been one of the factors that affect e-trading development in Africa, Asia and South America will be curbed.

Businesses and customers that sign up on this platform are guaranteed secured, managed, innovative market and networked financial resources that will meet their tailored needs whiles connecting businesses to domestic and international existing customers.  have built a strong connection between domestic  businesses  and international ready customers with a boundless marketplace by providing high quality products and services reasonably priced with various business marketing channels and promotions. They significantly attract a large base of consumers with the help of the large population of their domestic market.,  pride their self not only in providing the highest of secured online trade but also in ensuring their services are delivered with the finesse touch of customer satisfaction that  brings about referred businesses and mutual benefit to their  businesses  and  customers and the act of trade as a whole.

Source: BizGroNetNews

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