1D1F : Akufo-Addo commissions $77m ceramic factory

The one district, one factory industrialisation programme introduced by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government received a boost on Saturday, January 13, 2018, with the commissioning of Twyford Ceramics factory by President Nana Akufo-Addo at Shama District in the Western region.

The ceramics factory which is into the production and distribution of tiles is estimated at the cost of $77.26 million and will operate at a designed production capacity of 14.4 million square meters per year with annual sales projected to be $82.8 million.

Speaking before the commissioning, Mr Akufo-Addo praised the investors for putting up the factory.

”I must commend highly, the investors of this multi-million dollar project: Guangzhou Sunda International Trading Company Ltd and Keda Clean Energy Company Ltd. for their massive confidence in the NPP government’s trade and industrialisation policy and the Ghanaian economy as a whole under our able management.

”You have shown the way, no doubt, and the inevitable profitability of your business venture in the Shama district will be a great signal to the reluctant investors who are waiting to see results from your investment as a motivation for their own initiatives. The good thing is that, you have taken, and will greatly benefit from the first mover advantage’’ he emphasised.

The President challenged the youth to take advantage of the employment opportunities that will be made available to them through the establishment of the new ceramics factory whiles urging workers of the factory to work hard to increase productivity.

”I challenge the youth, especially from Shama district, to rise to the occasion, equip yourselves with the required skills, education and knowledge to take advantage of the job possibilities that this ceramic factory brings to your door-steps. And I take this opportunity to encourage the numerous workers of this new Twyford ceremic factory, to develop a hard and dedicated work ethic in order to grow productivity to high levels since that is the only way to grow your own personal incomes and secure your jobs for the foreseeable future.

”Many are those who doubted the NPP government’s sincerity or capability towards creating the enabling business or financial, institutional and legal framework for this industrialisation initiative to thrive in the short, medium and long term.

“Well, those who doubted us, who are definitely a few, can now start believing because today, another new factory in another new district is about to provide thousands of new jobs and raise the living standards of the people of Ghana and Shama district here in the Western region’’, the President told his critics.

Group Chairman of SUNDA International Mr. Y.C Shen in an address to the gathering stated that Twyford ceramics was set up in Ghana because of the enabling business environment created by the government for which they have taken advantage to do business in Ghana.

”Industrialisation is the main driver of every economy all over the world. As Ghana is trying to industrialise, we at Twyford ceramics factory are happy to be a part of the new industrialisation policy of this new government,’’ Mr Shen said.

He announced that an estimated one thousand eight hundred and sixty four (1864) jobs have been created for Ghanaians by the new ceramics factory and called for government support for smooth operations of their business.

”Considering all the benefits of the project to the government and people of Ghana, we at Twyford ceramics factory are asking for all the support that we can get from the government to ensure a smooth operation for the benefit of all,’’ he added.

Mr Shen lauded government investment drive which he said had been introduced in China several years ago.

“Your government’s policy of ‘one district, one factory’ encourages investors to set up a factory in every district of Ghana which we believe is the best idea to move Ghana’s development forward and fast.

“Forty years ago, China was not more developed than Ghana today. The then Chinese government made a similar policy of rural industrialisation and the results is what we see in developed China today’’.

This is expected to reduce importation of tiles into Ghana from a $90.66 million to $7.86 million per year with a further potential to dramatically reduce the demand on foreign currency and therefore stabilising the local currency.

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